8 Ways to lessen the EMF (radiation) in your home

    1. Router Location.  Keep router away from beds and areas where the family is together.  ie. kitchen, living room, etc.  If you live in a smaller space, consider mounting it high on a shelf. It’s best to keep it more than 6 feet away from a space where you spend a lot of time.
    2. Use your phone in Wifi mode when possible.  There is more EMF generated with cell phone connection since it needs the power and energy to connect through walls and to a tower sometimes miles away.
    3. Put your wifi on a timer to shut off at night when it’s not in use.  You can purchase timers at amazon for only $10! This is the one we use.
    4. If you have Sonos or AppleTV, it is emitting a signal every few seconds!  Keep these devices out of your bedrooms and at least a few feet or more, away from kids.  If you do have them in your room, consider putting them on a power switch that you can turn off after viewing.  Check out my video with my EMF meter here.
    5. Put devices in airplane mode when your kids are playing on them.   This applies when kids are using them for apps,  If your kids are playing with ipads or with apps, make sure your devices are in airplane mode.  With the devices so close to their growing bodies, it’s best to keep them from emitting any energy.   To watch movies or listen to playlists on your phone, download them first, then switch to airplane mode while you watch or listen.
    6. Make sure there are no beds directly on the other side of the wall from a smart meter.  Smart meters emit a lot of energy to constantly connect and transmit your homes energy use to power companies.  We made this mistake when we rented our home in Park City.  It appeared that there was a smart meter on the other side of the house….we had unknowingly put the baby’s crib on the other side of the wall.  ish.
    7. Hard wire your computers.  If you are on your desktop or laptop most of the day at home, consider using ethernet to plug into the internet instead of wireless.
    8. Unplug your printer and other devices when not in use.  Your printer is constantly connecting to your computer.  While it’s an awesome convenience, (we love ours!), I keep it turned off while it’s not on since it’s right next to me.

By Hollye Shepherd, mindful mama, and founder of the Lylo Pack.


“Don’t keep cell phones next to your body” — California Dept of Health

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